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used hino dump trucksHino Motors, Ltd, based in Tokyo,Japan is a leading manufacturer of medium and heavy duty diesel trucks, buses, and other vehicles. It is a subsidiary company of Toyota Motor Corporation. Hino ranks third in production volume in a global scale succeed by Daimler Benz AG and Navistar International Corp. Hino Motors LTD has been Japan's leading manufacturer of heavy-duty and medium duty diesel trucks.

Hino has ranked highest among conventional medium-duty truck engines, specific to medium-duty engine and transmission performance. Hino is Japan's largest truck manufacturer and exporter over 30 years. Hino manufactures a few vehicle ranges such as medium and heavy duty trucks and, buses, and specialty vehicles. But it has maintained its sales growth steady in both domestic sales and export sales. It has invented some environmentally friendly vehicles also. Hino gets its light trucks and some recreational vehicles assembled by Toyota Motor Corporation on large scale.

Some of the popular models of Hino Trucks are as follows.

Hino Profia - Heavy duty truck available as Hybrid model - also called as simply Hino 700
Hino Scania - Medium duty truck
Hino Ranger - a medium to heavy duty truck The Ranger is part of Hino's F-Series Truck with model code such as FC, FD, FE, FF, FG, FL, and FM.
Hino Dutro - a light duty truck

Why import used Hino Trucks from Japan?

Durability, Performance and Reliability

Hino Heavy Duty Trucks Are you looking for high quality used trucks? Hino Trucks from Japan are well-known for their durability, reliability and quality. One of the best options for you is to import Used Hino Trucks directly from Japan. We can assist you to choose from thousands of pre-owned Hino Trucks and Buses in our inventory that includes dump trucks, crane trucks, refrigerated trucks, concrete mixer trucks, and more. We can also help you to find a used truck matching your requirements from various Japanese Used Truck Auctions.

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Generally any vehicle has to perform well on four criteria of performance i.e. performance of engine, quality of engine, warranty of engine and ownership cost of engine. Hino Trucks has given a compatible performance on all these four criteria Hino Trucks are well known for their new engine designs. Hino trucks provide a commitment of outstanding engineering and at all time service support. Hino Truck is the first preference of owners as well as drivers Hino has given a solution to all your transportation problems.

Hino Trucks Lineup

HINO's truck line-up is a line-up of confidence.

Japanese Used Cars

Hino Profia - 700 Series

A rugged heavy duty truck equipped with advanced technologies from Hino. The HINO Profia trucks meet the high expectations of what is demanded from a heavy duty truck such as excellence in durability, high economical efficiency, environmental consideration, versatility and transportation efficiency. Its performance sets a benchmark for other heavy duty trucks of this century.

Hino Ranger and Scania - 500 Series

Repletion of HINO's pohilosophy and technologies. The HINO Ranger and Scania represent an evolution of technology in the medium-duty truck market with increased levels of performance, fuel efficiency, safety, standard equipment and comfort over 52 model variants. They feature clean buring ADR 80/02 emissions compliant engines, and offer the flexibility of GVMs ranging from 10 tons to 24 tons.

Hino Dutro - 300 Series

Smart, clean and reliable. The HINO 300 Series is our solution to providing a smart, easy-to-use, clean and functional vehicle in the category of light-duty trucks. When you select a truck of this series, your days of "delivering new joy" will begin..